All the Queen’s Heirs

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Prisoner of the Crown

Blurb:When her mother is murdered, Kimess becomes the royal seer just before a critical treaty is negotiated. Confined to the queen’s castle, Kimess must prove her innocence, her loyalty, and her skills as seer or she might be more of a liability than an asset to the crown.



Book 2: Pawn of the Crown


Pawn of the Crown


Life at court isn’t full of peace or quiet for Royal Seer Kimess as she serves the Lazrel queen. With a royal engagement propping up the peace treaty, Kimess and Prince Nemal head to Bachal as guests of their king. It’s not easy but being up close with charming unicorn and fierce dragon shifters is a new experience. Kimess and Nemal hope to find some private time but are surrounded by security droids plus their own entourage. The queen’s directives are many: spy, make friends, don’t trigger a war, and capture a traitor—dead or alive. Kimess and her friends are balancing their delicate mission fairly well until a couple other royal visitors arrive—revealing secrets that ignite chaos.