DIY Dolls Series (YA)

DIY Dolls: Double the Sisters, Double the Drama!

Book 1 Sunflower Touches

Blurb: One more Brady Bunch joke, and I swear I will ugly cry in the corner!

Dad took seven years after Mom died to find the right woman. My stepmom is nice. I have no complaints but one. Like Dad, she has three daughters. If math is your defect, that’s six teenage girls in one house.

At least, we have a new house, but we also have a forced bonding project. It’s not a camping weekend—that’d be lame, but short. We have to share our craft and creative skills as a group to help each other with stuff. That’s what I get for offering to help with decorating this drab house. Even worse, it has to be recorded for the parents.

Add that to school, boys, friends, and our own stuff…when am I supposed to have any fun? I’m glad Dad is happy, but the sister explosion was never in the plan. I’m the oldest. I’m hoping a stepmom will free me from being mini mom. Maybe I’ll find the freedom to pursue my art, spend time with some interesting guys, and enjoy what’s left of high school.



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Book 2 Hints of Hot Pink


When two worlds collide, there will always be fallout. Blending two families with cultural and economic differences is a headache.

We moved to a nicer town, and some of the people from my old neighborhood don’t like that. Then again, I’d prefer distance from a few in my past. A criminal ex of my cousin made a lot of trouble for me and one of my stepsisters.

That was all I needed while I was getting used to my new stepdad and sisters. But Chloe and I were off to a good start. We were actually friends and starting to make plans for our senior year of high school.

Then life comes and tosses crap in my face.

The death of my favorite uncle is bad enough. He was the only stable man in my life before my stepdad. Now, that criminal, or one of his minions, is cyber stalking me. The whole thing is way beyond awkward.

But the worst is my real Dad turning up and unleashing nearly seventeen years’ worth of my pain and pent up rage during my sisters’ quinceañera. My bio dad wasn’t reliable or secure like my stepdad. Bio dad stopped coming around when I was seven. Is he after money, attention, or something genuine?

Whatever it is—he’ll have to go through me before he hurts my mom or sisters, again. Good guys are few and far between, but I’d rather wait forever than settle!


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